Current Projects and Adapting

Hello, welcome to my first blog post on WordPress. I intend to use this blog as a medium for sharing my thoughts, struggles, and successes as I continue to grow as a chemical engineer and novice software engineer.

One of the more interesting projects I’ve been working through recently is revisiting my statistics skills. I had seen and watched a lot of alternative educational endeavors from a distance while completing my bachelors of engineering degree at UK, and recently had the desire to learn more (without needing to resort to traditional university classes). A friend recommended Coursera’s Statistics with R set of courses, which have been extremely refreshing and have provided an excellent, less chemical engineering focused take on statistics. There’s certainly a lot to be said for traditional brick and mortar education and physical proximity, but it’s been really nice to have the opportunity to continue to advance myself. I am eager to make it through all five of the courses, and hopefully will be able to apply the skills to something fun like examining League of Legends data.
Similarly, in discussing with engineers in the field, the juxtaposition between what industry is apparently looking for and what is pushed in school is often interesting, if not a little worrying. Programming appears to be an increasingly important skill asked of engineers of all hats, and somewhere that I believe myself or any other enterprising engineer can stand out. While I’ve seen Python before, I’d really would like to apply mobile app development in a useful way to engineering, so I’ve set out to learn Java as best I can.

To achieve the goal of being a decent mobile and Java developer, I’ve been knee deep in evaluating a bunch of different resources. Again, while there’s been a few non-starters, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the options I’ve had to learn: the “Introduction to Algorithms” in Java course taught by Dr. Sedgewick has also been an excellent occasion to grow. While the course might move a little quick if you’ve never programmed before, it’s been a lot of fun to explore some data structures in algorithms in detail I had not seen before. As a companion to the Coursera course, Dr. Sedgewicks Algorithms book has also been a very
good read.

My hope is that all of this helps me continue to grow and find a strong career path for myself. After having left college, it’s been a little jarring navigating forward sometimes, but I find it important to remain optimistic and stay strong, and feel fortunate to have a lot of resources at my disposal as I adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of the real world. Questions or comments? Feel free to post below.

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